What makes us bare

We believe in uncomplicating beauty and sticking to the bare necessities. Our formulations are designed to make you look and feel your best self. Our goal is simple; no-fragrance, skin centric beauty in all our products whether that’s skincare or makeup.

Our products are made from skin loving, non-drying/irritating, clean ingredients carefully selected after years of research.

Designed for easy application on-the-go, you can make it up or make it down—we’ll always make it simple so you need to only do the bare minimum.

Discounted Bundles

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  • Amna Liaquat


    Just wanted to drop in a message to say that I am an absolute fan of all bare beauty products. They've become my go to. So ...

    Bare It All - SUNSCREEN 
  • Adeela


    Ngl can’t get enough of this toner! Besides being hydrating it has such a calming, cooling effect on my skin, especially during the summer. Honestly my skin has never felt better 🙏🏽

    Nourishing Facial Essence 
  • Rabiya K


    I've bought two bottles so I can keep one in my bag) I have definitely seen and more importantly feel a huge difference in my skin. The pores are smaller and my skin is overall more even in tone. And because the range covers everything with the addition of my facewash I am still sticking with this routine... Which in itself is amazing and a win 🙌. Thank you 😘

    Bare It All - SUNSCREEN 
  • F.Ahmad


    Rapid Repair is light and breathable on the skin, absorbs like a dream, and love the fact that you wake up in the morning without a shiny, greasy nose 😁 formulation is totally on point - totally worthy of it’s classy, premium packaging 🤍 5 stars all day, every day (and night)🤩

    Rapid Repair Hydra Night Cream 
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